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Hostel Guidelines & Rules: :

The boarders are to be housed in the Vivekananda Bhawan. The boarding house has a well-equipped kitchen, dinning hall, study and re-creation room and bathrooms with hot and cold water. Separate arrangements have been made for boys and girl students according to their age and classes in individual dormitories. The Hostel Manager/Incharge assisted by other hostel staff stay in the hostel is to look after the children.

Food Arrangement : The hostel provie only vegetarian food. The items of menu consist of Indian dishes of various regions. The boarderes get daily fresh fruit and milk. The food offered is well balanced and healthy. Extra milk is provied if recommended by the school physician: 400 ml milk per day at market rates. The kitchen Manager is responsible for preparation of food and the kitchen arrangements. The hostel incharge carries over all responsibility for the food functioning of the hostel.

Medical Facilities : Separate arrangements are provided for treatment of the students. There is a separate room with 5 beds for the boarders who need to be hospitalised. A Nurse and a part time School Physician take care of health problems of the students. There is list of approved specialists and Nursing Homes, where the students canb be admitted in emergenecy.

Ayurveda : Beside ths Hostel would provide ayurvedic medicine to the children in order to keep them fit and immune against illness by providing herbal products as and when needed. The Vivekananda School maintains on regular basis essential ayurvedic medicine under the scheme of Aerogyanidhi, In order to strengthem the physical conditions of the students, arrangements shall be made for regular yogic exercises.

School Uniform : The School provides the prescribed articles of unifrom at an extra cost. Care is taken that the school dress suits the Indian climatic conditions, in particularly the climatic conditions in Dehradunm, and that the dress also conforms to the dress of the people in general. As prupose of education is to empower the students to participate in a leading way in the work of social upliftment and well-being of their fellow citizens in their later life, their dress plays a very important role in integrating them with their social traditions and their culture; the effort are made to avoid the impression as if the students of Vivekananda School look strangers in their own social milieu by dressing themselves in the dress of strangers, a fact which in any way runs contrary to the aims of education or the main stream of common life or climate.

GIRLS : Salwar of ochre(only) colour,Kameez in white and brown check and Duppata in corresponding colour,dark brown socks with ochre colour stripe and black shoes. In Winter woolen pullover and a blazer.

BOYS : Shirt of ochre colour, terricot pant in dark brown colour,sark brown socks with ochre colourstripe and the black shoes. In Winter pullover and a blazer/vest.

     Rules for Boarders :

  • Parents wanting to withdraw their ward must submit the withdrawal notice for their son/daughter six months in advance or pay full boarding, lodging and tuition fees in lieu of notice. Special cases will be on the discretion of the Principal/Headmaster of the School and Hostel In charge.
  • Change of status from a boarder to a day scholar, especially for pupils of classes X to XII, during the term will be permitted only if the parents are transferred to Dehradun, otherwise the parents will be required to withdraw their children from the school. Parents shall give three months' notice in advance or pay hostel dues for three months in lieu of notice in all such cases.
  • Fee and hostel charges in arrears of more than Rs.1000,-will automatically debar the boarder from further retention in the school. He/She may be sent home at the cost of the parents.
  • Boarders are not allowed to bring items of clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, electronics/electrical items or eatables other than what is permitted in the prospectus or by a circular issued by the head of Institution. Boxes with personal luggage will be checked by the Matrons, Hostel Warden and Housemasters when a boarder returns from home. Checking at any other time may also be carried out.
  • Boarders who do not return after vacations or mid-term break in time and who do not obtain prior permission of the Head of the School/Hostel Manager will be sent home and besides disciplinary action will be taken including imposition of fine of Rs.50per day.
  • The Head of the School shall have, without prior notice to the parent or guardian, the right to remove a boarder from the hostel on grounds of indiscipline, misbehavior or gross neglect of school work or frequent absence from classes.
  • The boarders shall not be allowed to go home during the session except in emergent circumstances mentioned in the leave application and accepted by the Head of the Institution as such. No student shall be allowed to attend a marriage other than that of a brother or sister. Breach of this rule shall be penalized with expulsion from the hostel.
  • Parents/Local guardians shall be allowed to meet their wards only on Sunday or on a holiday in the school between 16.30 and 18.30 hrs. The boys shall be allowed, provided that they are not sisters and brothers, to go out on 2nd and 4th Sunday and the girls on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month in company with their parents or local guardians after breakfast. They should return to the hostel before dinner..
  • All the boarders shall have to mark their kit numbers on the items of their clothes.
  • The boarders shall not be allowed to receive money in cash directly from the parents or local guardians. If the parents want that their wards should get extra money, it shall be deposited in the office of the Institution and could be withdrawn by the boarders on permission of the Housemaster and the approval of the Head of the Institution.
  • Traveling Expenses : Parents of the students shall be required to send sufficient money one month before the end of each term if they want the School to make the arraignments for the homeward journey of their children. The School shall not make any advance expenditure on account of journey of their wards.


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