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Constitution of the Vivekananda School Unesco Club :

  • Article1
    The Name : The name of the UNESCO Club shall be UNESCO Club of Vivekananda School hereafter called "Club".

  • Article 2
    Office : The office of the club will function from the premisis of Vivekananda School.

  • Article 3
    Purpose, the purpose of the club are.
    a) To Promote international understanding in conformity with the principles and ideas of Unesco,

    b) To conribute to the civic trainin of members, more particularly by assisting them to adjest to the continous scientific, technical changes of the modern world;

    c) Toencourage teaching about the UN and so spread inforamtion about its specilised agencies.

  • Article 4
    Organs: The club shall have the following organs - General Council and Executive Committee.
    a) General Council shall consist of all members who have paid the annual subscripation.

    b) Executive Committee shall consist of one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary General, two Secretaries, one Treasurer and 5 to 9 other members elected ennually by the General Council of the club.

  • Article 5
    Membership : Anyone who pays annal subscription of Rs.15 to 50 shall be enrolled as a member.

  • Article 6
    a) The General Council shall meet at least onec a year in ordinary session. Extraordinary sessions shall be held to celebrate speecial occassion like the UN day, the World Health Day, the Unesco Day etc. or it requisitioned by 2/3 members of the club.

    b) The General Council in its annual meething will elect a President two Vice Presidents, a Secreatary General, two Secretaries, one Treasurer and 5 to 9 member of the Executive Committee from among the members of the club.
    c) The General Counciil shall approve the programme for the following year.

    d) The Executive Committes of the club shall meet at least three times a year or at such other intervals as the office bearers shall deem fit. The Executive Commitees shall supervise the work of the club form time of time. It shall authorise the expenditure to be incurred by the Treasurer. Any project or programme the club undertakes shall be approved by the Executibe Committee. However, in an emergency, the office bearers with the final consent of the President, could take up some programme, he report of which shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

  • Article 7
    Power of office Bearers,,
    a) Chairman : The President shall preside over all meetings of the General Council and of the Executive Committee and in his absence, one the Vice Presidents will parform his duties.

    b) Secretary Geneeral ; The Secretary General shall keep a record of the correspondence and record the minutes of the General Council as wall as of the Executive Commitee, issue notices for meetings, keep the members informed of the acivities of the club and do other correspondence..

    c) Secretaries: The Secretaries shal asist the Secretary general in discharaging his/her duties and work shall be assigned to them by him/her from thime to time

    d) Treasuer; The treasurer shall recive and spend the money as per the directions of hte Executive Committee, shall issue receipts of the money recieved and keep a proper account of the money apent and received. He shall place peviodically before the executive committee for approval the statement of income and expenditures. The annual statement of income and expenditure shall be palced by the Treasurer before the annual General Council.

  • Article 8
    a) The quorum for the General Council nmeeting of the club shall be 1/4 of the total membership or 20 whichever in more.
    b) The Quorum for the meeting of the Executive Commitee shall be 1/3rd of the total membership or seven, whichever is more.

  • Article 9
    Bank Account
    a) The Club shall open an account in any bank in the name of the club. The account shall be operated by the Treasurer and the Secretary General.

  • Article 10
    a) The club shall have an Advisory Committee consisting of 5 to 11 members. The Advisory Committee shall give guidance the the Executive Committee and to office bearers of the club from time to time.

  • Article 11
    a) The club shall be affiliated to the Confederation of Unesco clubs and Associations of India (CUCIA) and the interpretaiion of any clause of this constitutiion by CUCAI shall be final.

  • Article 12
    Amendments to the Constitutions
    a) Any amendment to this consitution shall be made by the General Council of the club, provided a clear notice of 15 days have been given and is passed with 2/3 majority of members present and voting.

  • Article 13
    Financial Year
    a) The financial year of the club shall be from January-December or April-March.

  • Article 14
    Notice Periiod
    a) 15 days' notice shall be necessary for any meeting of the General Council and for an emergency meeting of the General Council five day's notice shall be necessary.

    b) In the case of an Executive Committee meeting one week's notice shall be necessary. Gor emergency meegings of the Executive Comittee two day's clear notice shall be given.

  • Article 15
    Dissolution of the Club
    a) If the members meeting in regular General Council with dissolution on the agends, decide to dissolve the club, they cand do so provided regular notice as per the conetitution has been given to members and 2/3rd members present and voting decide to dissolve. In the case of dissolution, the assests and liabilities of the club shall be disposed of in consultation with CUCAI.

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