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The School provides to the students all the possible facilities such as a good Library, Computer Laboratory, Medical room, Canteen and Activity room, a Media room, a separate Crafts room, a room for cutting and tailoring, a Music Room. Proper facilities are provided for Music, Dance and Drama and well qualified staff takes care of the students in the mentioned subjects. The School has now added also the facilities of School bus for those students, who visit the School from far off places.

Medical Facilities :

Separate arrangements are provided for treatment of the students. There is a separate room with 5 beds for the boarders who need to be hospitalised.A Nurse and a part-time School Physician take care of the health problems of the students. There is a list of approved specialists and Nursing Homes, where the students can be admitted in emergency.

School Staff :

The school staff is well qualified and constant efforts are made to upgrade the qualifications and the competence of the staff by organizing special in-service training, holding seminars and lectures under the auspices of the Institute of Applied Education of the Vivekananda Vidyapith, regd.T.,a partner organization of the Indian School Society. Occasionally the selected teachers are provided scholarships to go to Germany in order to take part in educational programs organized by the Indischer Schulverein e.V.Bonn and the Sir Dietrich Brandis Foundation. in co-operations with various German Schools.