History of the school :

The Vivekananda School was founded in the year 1976 by the Indian School Society regd.Soc. in collaboration with the Indischer Schulverein e.V.Bonn (Germany) as a bilingual experimental Institution. The objective of the founders in starting the school was to stimulate alternative education to the prevalent elite school education provided in particular by the so called "English Medium Public" Schools standing directly in the tradition of colonial education. The Founders were convinced that the children of free India needed an education which was radically different from that of prevailing one in the matter of contents, methods of teaching and manner of treatment meted out to the children. Commercial intentions were never a subject of consideration involved in the act of foundation of the school. The cardinal objective of establishing the Vivekananda School was to provide social integrative education to the children through Kindergartens and Primary schools and beacon a new trail in the country for others to follow.

The School had its humble beginnings and started in a room provided by a village temple. It took up its work with 13 children of different age groups and a teacher. Every year thereafter more children came to the school and more teachers had to be appointed. As the school did not possess its own class rooms, it had to be shifted in the small rented houses time and again. The piece of land where the school is presently situated was bought in 1978 and it was not before April 1981 that the school was shifted to the present site in a building having three class rooms. Since then the school has progressed continuously. In 1984 it was recognized as a Primary School; in 1986 it got recognition as a Junior High School.

In 1990 the school got affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education as a Secondary School and in 1996 it attained the status of a Senior Secondary School in the streams of Commerce and Arts. Since 1999 the Vivekananda School has attained the status of a full Senior Secondary School teaching almost all subjects prescribed by the Central Board. The status of Affiliation is Provisional. Right from the beginning in 1992-93, when the first batch of 10th class students appeared at the final examination, the school has a good record of final results of the All India Secondary School Examinations. Constant efforts are made to improve the standard of educational work in the School. It has earned a good name in the region because of its honest handling of educational matters, sympathetic treatment of children and co-operation with the parents for the welfare of the students.

Mission Statement : No Student will leave the school for reasons of financial constraint. For deserving and genuine cases the school will provide full or partial fee concession, free reading and writing material, school unifrom and will finance for group participation activities. For this purpose the target has been decided at 50 students per year, which will ensure a nill drop-out rate in respect of wards of the financially weak.